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Who is Dale

Dale Butler is an educator, historian, author, poet, researcher, playwright, documentarian, festivals expert, oral historian, filmmaker and Fishcake King of Bermuda. Dale is also a former Parliamentarian and has penned many books on a variety of topics. He writes reviews regularly on Bernews, first online news channel. We will post here some of the music related ones.

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Jazz Event to honour Duke Ellington

TMQ Jazz Event at Victoria Park></a></p>
   <p><a href=Tino Martinez Quartette in Texas

Tino Martinez Quartette

Jaxx Extravaganza

Tino & Gita

Sion Brothers and Live Wires

James Richardson Trio

Just Friends at Bungalow 56

Tino Martinez Quintette

Oh what a Night

Kennel Boys

Lady Tyson & Wayne Davis

Tony Brannon & Sarah Golden


Tony Bari

Working Title

Hindsight & Tino Martinez